New MPs Take Oath in Cornish


Two newly elected Conservative MPs representing constituencies in Kernow took their Parliamentary oaths in Cornish – Kernewek.

Both Sarah Newton MP for Truro & Falmouth and Scott Mann MP for North Cornwall used Cornish as did former Liberal Democrat MPs Andrew George and Dan Rogerson before them.

The oath/affirmation must be made initially in English, but Members of both Houses may, if they wish, follow this with an oath or affirmation in Welsh, Scottish Gaelic or Cornish.


In English:

I (name of Member) do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God.


In Welsh:

Yr wyf yn addo, trwy gymorth y Goruchaf, y byddaf yn ffyddlon ac yn wir deyrngar i’w Mawrhydi, y Frenhines Elizabeth, ei hetifeddion a’i holynwyr, yn ôl y Ddeddf, yn wyneb Duw.


In Scottish Gaelic:

Tha mi a’ mionnachadh air DIA UILECHUMHACHDACH gum bi mi dìleas agus daingeann d’a Mòrachd, a’ Bhan-Rìgh Ealasaid, a h-Oighrean agus ladsan a thig na h-Aite, a’rèir an Lagha. DIA gam chuideachadh.


In Cornish:

My a li gans Duw Ollgallosek dell vedhav len ha perthi omrians gwir dhe HY BRASTER AN VYGHTERNES ELISABETH, hy Heryon ha Sewyoryon, herwydh an lagha. Ytho Duw re’m gweressa.


Many SNP MPs took their oaths in Scottish Gaelic and Labour MP Albert Owen was sworn in in Welsh.

Scott Mann MP taking his oath in Cornish on Parliament Live TV.

Report on Newshaft Scottish politics website.

Westminster Parliamentary website.

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