New Heritage Centre Celebrates Patagonia Links


It is not often we have a CL News item that is of direct interest to our colleagues in the Patagonian branch of the Celtic League but the news of a £1 million pound lottery grant to aid the establishment of a tourist and heritage centre in Wales about the Patagonian settlers puts the most distant branch of the Celtic League centre stage.

The £1 million will be spent to create the centre at Eglwys Deiniol Sant, Llanuwchllyn, Gwynedd.

The Church closed since 2006 will be renovated for its new role – there’s a report and video on the BBC Wales website (link).

The Patagonian Welsh community was an almost forgotten part of the Celtic Diaspora for many decades but in recent years strong ties have again been built between Wales and the descendents of the settlers in Argentina (links).

It is hoped that in addition to building links with the descendents of the Welsh who settled in the Argentine Republic through the Celtic League the important role of other Celtic people and there contribution to Argentina’s development can also be strengthened.

J B Moffatt (Mr)

Director of Information
Celtic League


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