New Bugaled Breizh Probe

Reuters has reported that a French court has asked magistrates to investigate the possibility that the Motor Fishing Vessel, Bugaled Breizh, foundered after a collision with a United States Navy submarine.

Suspicions of submarine involvement have been prevalent since the tragedy in January 2004 in which all the crew members died.

The wreck of the vessel was subsequently raised and damage consistent with the involvement of a third party was determined.

A large NATO exercise was underway in the area of the sinking at the time and submarines from several NATO countries were in the area.

The Celtic League has pressed the British authorities about naval activity in the area off Cornwall at the time the vessel was lost but the replies received were ambiguous.

It remains to be seen how far French judicial authorities will get with their enquiries. The US Navy does not normally comment on submarine movements.

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J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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