NATO: Exercise Fleet Gathers But No Word of Sub Develoyments


The build-up for the NATO Joint Warrior exercise (JW 15-2) due to commence in a weeks time has already begun with US Navy ships having left their base at Norfolk Virginia four days ago on route to the exercise areas around Western Britain and Ireland.

Two guided missile and anti-submarine warfare destroyers the USS Sullivans and USS Ross are accompanied by a fleet oiler the USNS William McLean.

In addition to the warships Maritime Reconnaissance P8 Aircraft from Recce wing (CPRW) 11 will be joining the exercise.

A range of warships and anti-submarine aircraft from the US, Germany, France and Canada will join British and other UK forces in coming days.

JW 15-2 is described by NATO as ‘one of the largest concentrations of allied and partner forces in one integrated training event’.

To date there has been no notification of the submarine element which is likely to be deployed, unlike the earlier JW 15-1 spring exercise when detail of several deployed submarines was publicised in advance.

NATO sensitivity over the sub issue could be due to the fact that during JW 15-1 a Co down fishing vessel the MFV Karen was snagged and almost sunk.

It is to be hoped that NATO will warn British and Irish mariners well in advance about possible danger areas during the coming exercise which lasts for two weeks.


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