NAMA: Was There a Manx Whistleblower?


There’s an interesting video clip on the exchanges yesterday in the Dail over NAMA yesterday when the Isle of Man once again got a mention ‘in a bad light’. The new allegations about fixers fees being paid amounting to a staggering 45 million Euro as part of deals around the Assets bodies sale of its Northern portfolio were aired. (link):

Responding to, and rejecting, Mick Wallace TD’s, calls for an investigation Joan Burton the Tánaiste says (1.26 minutes in);

“Everything you have said in reference relates to various individuals within the Northern business community or indeed individuals from other communities who have come forward to suggest, to suggest, that there was something untoward in relation to how property matters were dealt with in respect of the North of Ireland”

The interesting wording there is ‘from other communities’ as with the exception of the UK and US (and the latter started its enquiries after the story had been well aired) the only other ‘jurisdiction’ is Mann. So was there a Manx whistleblower? If there was they certainly don’t seem to have gone to Manx regulatory authorities as the first the Manx government seems to have known of this was when Wallace first aired it in the Dail.

The plot thickens and given the amounts of money being talked about is seems certain that a lot more ‘mud’ will be flying around some of it landing on the Isle of Man!


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