N Ireland Child Poverty Worsens

“At times the Pan Islands British-Irish Council seems at a loss to find a positive role. The Celtic League believes it should turn its attention to tackling the major scandal of child poverty which blights the life of young people throughout these Islands.”

The Celtic League made this statement almost a decade ago and we have repeatedly focused on child poverty in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. As recently as last year we reiterated our concerns about Northern Ireland (see link):


Now further research, once again carried out via the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has found that Northern Ireland has the worst child poverty in the United Kingdom. Indeed it is double the level of deprivation in some comparable areas of the UK.

Quite frankly it is shameful that successive UK governments which have found the money to fund several overseas conflicts during the last decade and also poured billions into toxic financial institutions cannot find the funds to tackle child poverty.

Related report (from the Irish World newspaper) here:


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