Mystery radiation has ‘boffins’ guessing

Iodine-131, a radioactive material, is being found in small amounts across the continent. It was found in northern Norway early in January, according to officials, but has been gradually moving across the rest of Europe ever since.

The USAF is using a specially modified KC-135 one of two which is tasked to monitor unusual radioactive activity in the upper atmosphere. Such events are usually associated with nuclear tests such as the recent one in North Korea or accidents at nuclear plants.

However in this instance the type and quantity of material suggests a non notified leak from a pharmaceutical plant.’’

Full reports from the Barent Observer and the Belfast Telegraph – includes a chart showing the spread from Northern Norway to the tip of Iberia,…/radioactive-iodine-over-eu……/mysterious-radiation-sp…

Image: USAF WC-135 ‘Constant Phoenix’ aircraft

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