More Pledges Needed for Cornish Language Project


An online Cornish language radio programme is just under £1000 and four days away from meeting a £5000 fund raising target to build a new website to host the free downloadable podcasts that aim to boost fluency among speakers.

Radyo an Gernewegva (R an G) is a weekly podcast radio programme that began in 2007 as a four minute podcast round-up of the Nowodhow an Seythun (News of the Week) that was distributed through Cornish cultural websites, which was increased to half an hour each week the following year. By 2010 the Nowodhow an Seythun programme had been incorporated into the service and had become a magazine programme with music, discussion and news. The programme was originally created by Matthi ab Dewi, who is the main presenter of the programme along with several others, and is available via the Maga website ( and through its own R an G website (

However, the organisers of the service now want to develop its website professionally and to do that are aiming to raise £5000 through an online fund raising tool called Crowd Funder. Crowd Funder works by taking financial pledges from people, which are only followed through once the target has been met by a specific day. The target date for the R an G Cornish Language Website fund is 5th September 2013 and has raised to date £4005. However, unless the appeal raises a further £995 R an G will not receive any of the pledged money.

If anyone would like to make a pledge towards the £5000 target, then the internet link below will take people to the Crowd Funder site.



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