More League Records Archived

The Celtic League has deposited a further series of correspondence and campaign records with the Manx National Heritage Library.

The issues covered by these latest documents include military monitoring in the North Irish Sea area specifically in relation to opposition to military low-flying. In addition papers relating to the Leagues long running campaign against the British nuclear industry and Sellafield in particular have been deposited.

A substantial number of League records have now been lodged with MNH Library covering Celtic League activity over the past thirty years.

League records are also lodged with the National Library of Wales and over the years the archived papers at both institutions have been accessed by journalists and researchers from the UK, US and Japan and the Manx Museum library League archives featured in a French TV documentary which was braodcast globally by TV5 Monde.

The archives were also used extensively in the major work on the Inter-Celtic movements `The Celtic Dawn’ written by Celtic historian and writer Peter Beresford Ellis (ISBN-10: 0862436435 – ISBN-13: 9780862436438).

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J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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