More Illiam Dhone Commemoration Reports


Links below to more reports on the 2015 Illiam Dhone commemoration.

The first is in the listen again section of the Manx Radio website:

You will find it on the ‘Claare ny Gael” programme on Sunday evening which is produced and presented by Bob Carswell. It’s a more relaxed report (as always) than some of the others and intersperses the two main speakers, Cesar Joughin and Alistair Kneale with a range of music. You need to be quick because the ‘listen again’ section is only online for a week.

BBC IOM has a brief written report here which is worth a look as it is illustrated with a bust of ‘the man himself’:

Ironically BBC IOM refers to Illiam Dhone in the way most Manx people regard him i.e. as ‘iconic’ and a ‘martyr’. This contrasts sharply with Manx Radio news (Mann’s ‘National Station’) which seems to want to ‘play to’the revisionist well heeled traitor narrative!
Makes one wonder why MRn have the ‘knife out’ for Illiam Dhone’s memory and Nationalism generally?

IOM Today has a video item (part of their expanding online video section) here:

It is an edited three minute piece but good quality and shows clearly that, for once, the weather on the day was reasonably kind to those who attended the 45 minute commemoration.
Further afield Alistair Kneale’s closing comments about Brittany ensured coverage on the Breton site 7seizh – see link:
Finally, there is a good report on Transceltic (a site which Alistair Kneale helped set up) with a picture of the Illiam Dhone portrait –link here:

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