MoD to Attend Inquest into Loss of Bugaled Breizh


The BBC in Cornwall is reporting that the Ministry of Defence will attend the inquest that the Coroner for Cornwall is undertaking into the loss of the Breton trawler Bugaled Breizh.

This is an important development and one the relatives had been hoping for.

The MOD involvement will enable the Coroner to query the exact location of all submarines active in the NATO exercise underway at the time. Crucially she may also be able to press the MOD for any information that they have on possible surveillance of the exercise by submarines from another State.

Its well known that NATO exercises have in the past attracted scrutiny from naval assets of the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile in a related development families of the crew members attended the unveiling of a memorial on the Lizard to those who died on Thursday.

The BBC Cornwall report can be accessed here:

Related Celtic News item here:

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