Miliband Biting the Hand that Feeds Him!


The Isle of Man’s probity as a financial services centre has come under attack from United Kingdom Labour Party Leader, Ed Miliband (see link below).

Miliband seems totally in ignorance of the fact that in the past two decades the Isle of Man government has ‘cleaned up its act’ in relation to offshore business, a fact that is now recognized internationally. Indeed arguably in this respect it has a better track record than the City of London where many of Miliband’s ‘champagne socialist chums’ have their monies lodged.

Electoral sound-bites such as that issued by Mr. Miliband may play well to the Labour faithful but he seems to overlook that such ill-informed interventions damage the job prospects for working people and their families on the Isle of Man many of whom (including those in financial services) contribute annually to ‘his’ Labour Party by way of a political levy – a practice that has occurred for years.

As Mr. Miliband wishes to interfere in the affairs of the Isle of Man perhaps the Manx government should look at introducing legislation to end the application of a political levy to the UK Labour Party by trade unionists in the Isle of Man.

A list of Unions which operate in the IOM and are affiliated to the Labour Party and pay either cash donations or a monthly levy from all members is set out below:
Communication Workers Union (CWU)
Musicians Union
Amicus (UNITE – Amicus Section)
Transport and General Workers Union (UNITE – TGWU Section)
Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (USDAW)
Link to BBC item on Miliband ‘warning’ here;

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