Migrant fisherman abuse continues report finds

A report here by the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (from Lorna Siggins in the Irish Times) highlights that exploitation on EU fishing vessels of migrant fishermen continues:


Celtic League highlighted this issue over two years ago and subsequently wrote to the UK, Irish governments and the (UN) International Maritime Organisation and the International Labour Organisation at the time.

Action was promised but it seems little has changed. Abuse of migrant fishermen in the EU fishery and globally is a continuing problem with failure to honour commitments on pay or safety.

New York Times journalist Ian Urbina wrote a series of award winning articles on this issue and we cooperated with Ian in publicising the issue but it seems that abuses are still prevalent.

Image: Steve Conneely of the Maria Magdalena III fishing vessel, with Ernest Okutu from Ghana. Mr Okutu’s experience is positive and he has a good working relationship with his skipper but for many this is not the norm.

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