Mass Protest in Paris Inspired by Bretons


Thousand farmers are expected to protest in Paris today, a protest that the French State is not eager to see in the Capital.

It all started following a meeting on the bridge of Morlaix, Brittany, the idea was to drive up to Paris to protest against the falling food prices. Then the idea was extended to other regions and as of today, the farmers reaching Paris will hand over to lawmakers “the demands and grievances of an agricultural and rural world that is on the brink of exploding and that expects a lot from its national representatives”.

According to the agriculture minister, around 10 percent of farms in France – approximately 22,000 sites – are on the brink of bankruptcy with a combined debt of one billion Euros.

Multiple factors such as changing dietary habits, slowing Chinese demand, Russian embargo on Western products has pushed down prices for staples like beef, pork and milk.

(This news item provided by Breton CL member Joss le Gall.)


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Breton farmers arrive in Place de la Nation in Paris to take part in… News Photo | Getty Images

Breton farmers with Breton flags drive on the A13 motorway heading to… News Photo | Getty Images

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