Marion Price: Prisoner In Poor health As Internment Continues

Despite an emphatic rejection last year by NI Justice Minister, David Ford MLA, of concerns we expressed about the detention of republican activist Marion Price in the all male Maghaberry Prison earlier this year Ms Price was moved to HMP Hydebank wood. The Prison is described as `a medium to low security establishment accommodating male young offenders and all female prisoners (including female immigration detainees).’

Marion Price, who was originally imprisoned in 1973, was released by Royal Pardon in 1980. She was returned to Prison in May 2011 by order of the London appointed NI Secretary Owen Paterson in a move that had dubious legality.

At the time Ms Price’s detention, for which no explanation was given, was likened to internment by a former prison chaplain Monsignor Murray. He said:

“I am just shocked that the secretary of state wouldn’t be aware of how seriously nationalist people look on internment.

We thought it had all ended and here it is coming under a form of revocation, revoking a license.”

Protests have continued against the detention of Ms Price and it is reported that the 58 year old who has suffered poor health due to her earlier mistreatment in British prisons is being held in the hospital wing of Hydebank Wood.

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