Manx Should be Ashamed their Money Grubbing Economy Causes Such Misery


Over the past few weeks the Irish Post (the newspaper of the Irish community in Britain) has been running a series of articles about aid initiatives by the Irish charity CONCERN in the desperately poor Southern African nation of Malawi.

A series of articles under the heading `Bringing Hope to Malawi’ contain moving statements such as:

`I feel very privileged to have been asked to come on board with the Concern team for this trip to Malawi and hope that with this trip we can really open people’s eyes and provide them with a true sense of what great work Concern are doing across the globe.’


`I hope that hearing about our visit will highlight not only the life changing impact that Concern makes in Malawi, but also the little things that every one of us can do to make a difference to the world around us.’


`A sea of friendly, welcoming smiles despite the evident poverty’

The in depth series includes reports on visits to clinics and rehab centres and the general aid work of CONCERN.

Contrast this positive effort by an Irish charity with the reports this week that millions of dollars of assets allegedly salted away in the Isle of Man are the subject of a court case in the country.

The Celtic League have long urged greater transparency over business dealings with Africa carried out by companies in the Isle of Man. Allegations have centered around arms trading, mineral exploitation and money laundering and this is not something that has happened occasionally but rather it has been the pattern for decades.

Tax havens like the Isle of Man contribute greatly to the exploitation and humanitarian distress caused on the African continent.

The Irish people should be proud of the record of Irish charities like CONCERN in improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of African people.

By contrast the Manx people should be ashamed that their money grubbing economy has caused such misery.

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