Manx Reserves in Traffic Chaos Plan!


Estate agents, not the most popular of breeds, did something really positive recently they agreed voluntarily to reduce the size of FOR SALE signs in the Central area of Douglas the Manx capital. The new size signs will also be positioned less obtrusively.

Perhaps the new Manx Reserve Force (aka British Army) could take a leaf out of the estate agents book. Apparently not content with a media that wants to blast out ‘Reserve Forces this or that’ every other day, the Force now it has found a home in a disused piece of government real-estate, the old Hanover Street school has festooned the ornamental railings that abut Lord Street with several large banners begging more people to come and join the thin khaki line (30 at the last count).

The banners are akin to those that used to be hung on the railings at the Quarterbridge roundabout every other day with things like ‘Doris Comode 60 Today’ on until the DHPP (now DOI) cracked down on it. At the time the DHPP said piously ‘signs of this type slung on the side of the highway are a distraction to motorists’.

We will have to hope that a motorist attracted by the Manx Reserves banner entreaty and contemplating after hours activity doesn’t plough through the Lord St/Ridgeway Street zebra crossing after being suitably distracted. Then ‘Vera Lynn’ and the crew on Douglas Head will have something to report on!

The Manx Reserve FARCE you couldn’t make it up!


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