Manx Radio Makeover And By Jingo It’s A Good One!


At one time politicians positively abhorred Man Radio especially its popular Mannin Line (when it ran six days a week) and was open house for the hoi polloi to express their (sometimes ‘of the wall’) views’

Latterly however it has become more acceptable to the powers that be with the Chief Minister and assorted underlings having almost a daily slot in its news delivery something I’ve rather unkindly christened ‘the Daily Bell’.

Anyway the station must be doing something right because at a time of what our ‘dear leader’ says is great austerity when the unemployed have their subsistence benefits cut, the sick are pressed back into the labour market and the general populace have to pay inflated utility costs to resolve the fiscal blunders of yesteryear (and line Manx Gas shareholders profit) a ray of sunshine!

Manx Radio is to get what I would speculate is a fairly costly makeover – and by jingo it’s a good one. Check the plans here:…/p…/planningapplicationdetails.iom…

It seems the ‘folks of the hill’ i.e. COMIN and the crew are feeling beneficent towards ‘the folks on the head’ and you and I are going to splash out a fair chunk of cash to ensure Allan Bell et al (or whoever succeeds them) can broadcast in style.

One pundit has already said to me why didn’t they just move it into Douglas and use some of the surplus government offices facilities around ‘the Citadel’ – such cynicism!

Anyway of all goes well the expanded facilities will be delivering ‘the message’ to us all in no time.

Radio Tirana ‘eat your heart out’.


Issued by: The Celtic News



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