Manx Police Say Unwanted British Soldier Has Eluded Justice


Manx Police have confirmed that a British soldier who had been charged with a serious offence and was bailed into military custody has eluded justice by fleeing the UK.

The League wrote to the IOM Constabulary earlier this month about the case (see link):

In a reply from Chief Constable the police say:

“I refer to your recent undated letter concerning Che Awembeng Collins, a British soldier, wanted by the Isle of Man Constabulary.

Your assertions are correct: Mr Collins was bailed by the court to military responsibility after he had been charged with a serious sexual offence. He absconded and is currently believed to be in an African country with which no extradition treaty is in place. The Constabulary will continue to seek his return and, if he moves to another jurisdiction, efforts will be made to bring him to justice.”

The Chief Constable does not clarify if the police objected to bail at the time or if the Courts (given that Mr Collins was bailed outside Manx jurisdiction) sought any additional safeguards from the British Military.

The whole episode would seem to call into question the judgement of the Manx police and courts and also the competence of the British military authorities.

The League intends to raise the issue with the British government.

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information


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