Manx NHS Time For A Political Change At The Top?


The Health Minister, Howard Quayle MHK, is on the back foot. The recent social media pages outlining difficulties in the health service and at Nobles have prompted him to admit there are problems (link):

However in what seems to be a plea for understanding and tolerance Howard Quayle points out that the problems faced here are replicated in the United Kingdom.

I don’t think people particularly those experiencing delays or asserting poor treatment will be reassured by this defence.

Over two years ago Howard Quayle went on record saying the Heath Service had problems. Here he is in 2014 saying transformation and change will not happen overnight it will take ‘a couple of years’ (2016?):…/nhs-reform-andquotwill-take-tim…/

Now since then we have had trips to New Zealand, the ‘now you see him now you don’t CEO, ward closures and a growing cacophony of concerns from public and staff which has exploded on social media.

While Mr Quayle may now have a competent CEO in place given the Minister’s track record you have to ask is he up to the job? Notwithstanding we are so close to the election Chief Minister Allan Bell MHK should really consider a reshuffle of his Ministerial head at Health before the Manx NHS implodes!

When such ideas are mooted Allan Bell usually prattles that so close to an election it would not make sense and ‘a new man would have to learn the ropes’.

However for goodness sake there are five other political members (both MHKs and MLCs) on that Department what have they been doing surely they have had enough time to ‘learn the ropes’ and one could be selected to step up to the task!


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