Manx Nationalist Graffiti Targets Governor


Nationalist graffiti has been daubed at Government House on the Isle of Man.

The words `Mec Vannin’ have been spray painted in large letters across an entrance road.

Although Mec Vannin is the name of the Manx Nationalist Party the incident is not linked to the Party as it works strictly via constitutional means and eschews direct action of this nature.
It is more likely the perpetrator(s) are appropriating the words (the literal translation of the Gaelic is `Sons of Mann’) to make their point.

Amongst Nationalists the position of Lt Governor (i.e. the Queens representative in Mann has always been controversial. The position is invariably held by a UK (usually English) appointee with an ex-service or diplomatic background.

Resentment about the role is compounded by the fact that all costs of the position including his residence are borne by the Manx tax payer and the resentment is further exacerbated by the limited role of present day governors and the substantial salary which accrues (approx £100,000).

Graffiti incidents of this nature occur sporadically and can be limited to one or two incidents or a sustained campaign as occurred in 2010.

Before that in both the 1970s and 1980s more serious attacks involving sabotage, arson and graffiti took place – several people were imprisoned.

Given the fairly innocuous nature of the graffiti posted in recent instances the response of the authorities is generally to overact.
In 2010 slogans which simply posted the name of former colonies with the date they gained independence and messages (usually in Gaelic) calling for freedom prompted a major police crackdown.

Eventually half a dozen young people were arrested but eventually the backlash became to hot for government and ‘their servants’ in the police force and no charges were brought.

With Tynwald day (the Manx National day) just a month away the Lt Governor may find himself sitting atop the ceremonial Tynwald Hill at St Johns wondering just how `loyal’ all her majesty’s loyal subjects are!

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