Manx Nama Deal Intrigue and deceit


The ripples from the allegations about NAMA portfolio deals in the North of Ireland by Mick Wallace and his allegations about multi-million pound deposits into Manx bank accounts related to paying of politicians continue to swirl.

There’s literally a plethora of investigations in Ireland North and South and involving the UK National Crime Agency. Of course everyone is denying any wrong doing and Wallace has gone strangely quiet in respect of promised future revelations.

Now it appears the US Justice Authority is to launch an inquiry (see link):

The timing could not be worse given that it comes just days after the Manx Chief Minister was ‘laughing off’ attempts label the Isle of Man a tax haven all the attributes of such entities including dodgy deposits and allegedly corrupt politicians which go to make up ‘your traditional tax haven’ are to the fore.

Not surprisingly the Manx authorities are not saying a great deal and no one either politically or in the media is asking how it comes to pass that a large sum (millions of pounds) can just drop into an account in the Isle of Man.

What was it former US President James Madison said?

“History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments”

There certainly seems to be a far bit of intrigue and deceit here and in line with Madison’s theory government seems to want to look the other way!


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