Manx Media: Making a Pigs Ear of the News!


What on earth is wrong with the Manx media? Very little coverage here of ‘Pig-gate’ i.e. the Lord Ashcroft literary ramblings about David Cameron’s encounter with part of a dead pig in his University days.

The Manx media are obviously ‘sensitive souls’. However I’ll warrant if this was a politician closer to home and the story only had half the substance they would be all over it like a ‘rash’!

On the other hand perhaps the Manx media like to stick to matters more ‘parochial’ and this story emanating as it does from our near neighbour has little relevance. Well hold on this is an accusation about the Prime Minister (PM) of our closest neighbour. A State which if you forget all this Crown nonsense we are closely intertwined with. This is the PM of a State that does not hesitate to dictate, when its needs warrant it, to this Island.

Then again it seems unfair to revel in the misfortune of others but hang on this is also the PM of a country that positively revels in sticking the boot into the Isle of Man. If it’s not our dodgy tax haven status it’s another renegotiation (or more accurately gerrymandering) of the VAT agreement.

It’s bad enough that our Tynwald choose to invite as ‘a distinguished guest’ to our National day a cocaine snorting whoremaster from the House of Lords – now this! But we are so discreet.

Sorry Manx media you are making a right pig’s ear out of coverage of this story!


Issued by: The Celtic News



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