Mannin:Role Of Governor Not Compatible With Democracy


The concept of the continuing appointment by the United Kingdom* of `Governors’ to oversee Crown dependencies and British overseas territories has been attacked by the Celtic League following the recent appointment of a retired British diplomat as Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man.

The Director of Information speaking to BBC TV News said that the Isle of Man should aspire to become a true democracy. Of the title Governor he said:

“Governor in this day and age? It is a ghastly title and it sends the wrong signal about what sort of community we are.”

In a section of the interview not broadcast the DOI said that Tynwald had in recent years itself questioned the wisdom of continuing to maintain the Office of Governor but had failed to pluck up the courage make the change.

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*Note: In a cosmetic change to the selection process a panel on the Island has chosen the most recent Governor however this much trumpeted change scarcely conceals the continuing influence of the UK government in the process

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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