Mannin: Slow Freeze On Libyan Assests


The Manx government has reacted angrily to suggestions it was slow to implement an asset freeze on Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi and his associates.

Responding to questions from Member of the House of Keys MHK, David Cannan, the Isle of Man Chief Minister, Tony Brown MHK, said a freeze on Libyan assets had been implemented on March 25th 2011 and seemed to be upset that this timeframe (almost four weeks after other governments had implemented such actions) was dilatory.

The Chief Minister said he was appalled at the questioning and implied members were attempting to discredit the Island.

However, should it become apparent that any Libyan sourced funds are held on the Island and could (or have been) moved during the period of inaction by the Manx government it will be extremely embarrassing.

It is not clear if any Libyan funds are held in (or have passed through) Mann. However the Island does have strong links with Arab states and the Gulf States in particular have been an area of several Manx government trade initiatives.

In the past few weeks the Celtic League has criticised tax agreements signed with Bahrain by the Manx government (see link).

The League has also spoken out and queried the Manx government on allegations of arms trading from Iran into the Near East by Manx shipping companies (see link):

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