Mann: The Shrinking Reserves!


The Military Reserves, they’ve only just been formed but already they are ‘shrinking’!

With much fanfare and an overabundance of media zeal the Reserves Forces initiative was launched with a military pantomime that went on for several days on Douglas promenade earlier this year. Hundred we were told had ‘flocked to the colours’ although this was later modified to ‘about’ one hundred and fifty expressions of interest and afterwards, in one of a series of contradictory radio interviews, they were including families in the count!

The weeks went by and everyone’s enthusiasm for this great event ‘the second coming’ of the British military was kept alive by a stream of increasingly inane media bulletins.

Eventually a few weeks ago the number appeared to be about 50 and it was revealed that the Reserves were to be based in Hanover Street Old School building. The latter a venue often used by Government as a dumping ground for odds and sods that could not be accommodated elsewhere – I wonder how much they are paying for the facility?

Eventually the flag was raised and the parade held and a staggering 30 strong turn out was recorded on parade. Where had all the rest gone –on manoeuvres perhaps?

However don’t despair this farce will run and run to many politicians, gullible journalists and odd retired Colonel Blimps on the Island have put to much into it to have it fail now!


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