Mann: The Cop Shop Robbers They Never Did Catch Them!


A report on an unusual case today involving the police in Wales prompted one of those déjà vu moments we occasionally get.

The allegations involving three Officers are related to the confiscation by police of £77,000 pounds in 2011 from a man in South Wales. When it was eventually deemed to be legitimate and a cheque was sent to reimburse him it was £30,000 short.

The three officers strenuously deny any wrongdoing and the case is ongoing.

It reminded me of the ‘Cop shop Robbers’ in the Isle of Man.

In 2000 Manx police announced that £1000 had gone missing from the Police Station in Ramsey at the time the Manx Police assured an astonished public that the case would remain open until it was resolved ‘satisfactorily’.

The embarrassment of senior Cops at the time was exacerbated by the fact that it wasn’t the only time that funds had ‘vanished’. As we reported at the time (Celtic News 20 September 2000):

“It is not the first occasion when such incidents have occurred approximately three years ago a similar sum, recovered after a robbery in the south of the Island, disappeared.”

Additionally as we reported in Celtic News (23rd of March 2001) there had also in 1996 been an alleged theft of Police Sports Club Funds we recorded that the police had set in train:

“Improvements in the regularity of checks and general administration”

and hoped that the loss:

“though upsetting and expensive, will not be allowed to be repeated”.

They said at that time enquiries into the allegation were not pursued because:

“it would be distressing to all concerned to be singled out and interviewed without real hope of a successful outcome”

Not surprising then they never nailed the burglars earlier this year – they never nailed the ‘Cop shop Robbers’ either all those years ago!


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