Mann: SNP Conference Delegation Speak of Strong Relationship


The Manx Chief Minister has been speaking about the strongrelationship that has been built up with the Scottish National Party afterleading a delegation to the Party’s annual conference.

He said that he has a good working relationship with SNPleader Nicola Sturgeon, as indeed he had with her predecessor Alex Salmond.

The Manx Chief Minister said the conference had afforded anopportunity to discuss issues of mutual interest with the Scottish leader.

The three strong political delegations also included InfrastructureMinister Phil Gawne who somewhat strangely used a twitter exchange (aboutnationalism) over the weekend to highlight that he was not allowed to join MecVannin!

Both Allan Bell and Phil Gawne are former members of MecVannin and as such it is to be hoped that some of the SNP member’s ardour forfull independence rekindled their enthusiasm.

The third member of the delegation (I understand) was Home AffairsMinster, Juan Watterson, a strange choice, if my information is correct, toattend a nationalist gathering as his nationalist credentials are somewhatslim.

Watterson (aka ‘The Forces Champion’) is more at homedressed in khaki and is a great exponent of the (30 strong) Manx Reserve‘militia’. It’s difficult to know if he sees himself as ‘Colonel in Chief’ ofthe new body or is simply a military groupie – a kind of male ‘Vera Lynn’.

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