Mann: Mark Charters and Geoff Draper are Hardly ‘The Cambridge Spies’


What on earth is happening in the senior administrative echelons of the Man government?

First the Chief Executive of the Health Service, Mark Charters, departs after literally being in the job for ‘five minutes’. This week the Head of the College of Further Education, Geoff Draper, has done a similar abrupt exit.

In both instances brief curt statements from the respective Departments give not one iota of clue as to how or why these sudden ‘career changes’ were prompted.

At one time the Chief Executives and Head of Departments were of such longevity they became almost institutions in their own right. Their departure was trailed many months (sometimes up to a year) in advance and allowed for a steady and seamless transition for a successor.

In most instances such positions were held be people who had worked their way up through the government structure and had a proven track record. All this served the Island well until it was suddenly decided a little over a decade and a half ago that we might ‘not be getting the right calibre of candidate’ on Island hence the scrabble to import this ‘talent’.

Well whatever the strategy behind this it certainly is turning into a disaster. There’s obviously something fundamentally wrong with the interview/selection process or we would not be seeing these ‘breakneck’ exits by senior figures.

Why the secrecy? Mark Charters or Geoff Draper are hardly ‘the Cambridge Spies’ the mundanities (or otherwise) of their departure are of interest to the man in the street who not only PAYS THERE WAGES BUT ALSO THAT OF THEIR MINISTERIAL BOSS.

The way these matters the exit, whether any severance arrangements are involved etc are kept a secret from the tax payer are a disgrace!

Not only that they once again demonstrate the contempt with which this increasingly authoritarian government regards the public


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