Mann: Gas Hike This is an Emergency Govt Should Act!


As energy prices plummet globally there is one place on the planet where they are set to rise – the Isle of Man.

Manx Gas have announced a reduction in gas prices but then by slight of hand have effectively ‘jacked up’ bills for an estimated 7000 consumers by increasing the ‘so called’ standing charge.

There is obvious public concern and no doubt the usual banalities will be uttered through the media by those MHKs with an eye to next year’s general election. But it seems the company’s latest price hike is a fait accompli and their arrogance in facing down previous pubic condemnation has obviously emboldened them into believing they can ‘get away with murder’.

The Manx public are assailed virtually on a daily basis by increased charges and taxes. This latest move is all the more cynical because it comes as the Island heads towards winter. If last years mild winter is not repeated then many Manx people this year will have to decide whether to heat or eat. Already however increased usage of foodbanks services indicates some at least already cannot ‘eat’ never mind eat!

This is an emergency situation and paradoxically if this were a group of workers ‘holding the Island to ransom’ government would be considering using the 1936 Emergency Powers act can be invoked if:

“an event or situation which threatens serious damage to human welfare in the island or of a part of the island”

In terms of the act an ‘event’ can mean:

“loss of life
human illness or injury
disruption of the supply of money food, water, energy or fuel”.

Any of the above could occur due to the price act.

This is an emergency its time for the government action and put public welfare ahead of corporate greed!


Issued by: The Celtic News



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