Mann: Are Mental Health Resources Stretched?


The Celtic League have written to the IOM Department of Health and Social Care following yesterdays revelations in the IOM Chief Constables report that his officers were increasingly having to deal with mental health care issues involving vulnerable people (link):

The League have asked DHSC CEO Malcom Couch what steps the Department are taking to address what the Chief Constable said was a problem he first raised last years (correspondence text below);

“Mr Malcolm Couch
Chief Executive
Department of Health and Social Care
Crookall House
Desmesne Road

7th October 2015

Dear Mr Couch,

I was disturbed to read in Chief Constable, (Mr Gary Roberts, annual report (page 71) references to the difficulties his officers face when dealing with Mental Health matters.

Also in the publicity surrounding the release of his report the Chief Constable expounded on this at length expressing the view that the police increasingly have to deal with ‘vulnerable people’ including those with mental health issue.

Mr Roberts makes the point in his report that this is a problem he reported on last year that still exists and he refers specifically to the Departments mental health facilities being ‘stretched’.

It is a grave situation if a problem known about for over a year, involving a particularly vulnerable group, has not been addressed. It is also of concern that police officers, who do not have the appropriate skills or training that mental health care specialists have, are dealing with such situations.

Can I ask;

a) Is the Department aware of and does it share the CCs concerns?

b) What steps are being taken to reinforce the Mental Health Care system with properly qualified mental health care staff to alleviate this situation?

Finally, the unstated conclusion from Mr Roberts observations is that your current mental health care professional are working under enormous stress and I do trust that in light of his observations support will be provided to them as a matter of urgency

Yours sincerely

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information

Cc Hon Allan Bell, Chief Minister”


Issued by: The Celtic News



The Celtic League established in 1961 has branches in the six Celtic Countries. It promotes cooperation between the countries and campaigns on a range of political, cultural and environmental matters. It highlights human rights abuse, military activity and socio-economic issues


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