Manin: Language Project Visit By League General Secretary


The Celtic League General Secretary, Rhisiart Talebot, is currently visiting the Isle of Man as part of a language project sponsored by Plymouth University. He will be visiting a number of Mooinjer Veggey (MV) preschools and nursery classes around the Island as part of the week long visit.

Speaking to Celtic News Rhisiart explained:

“I am undertaking research into the MV preschool system to look at how the schools have contributed to the revitalisation of the Manx language. I am also looking at how I can find a suitable way forward for the Cornish language preschool movement that I helped establish last year.

Plymouth University has decided to sponsor the `research’, partly because I am a lecturer there and my role involves teaching on and managing a programme relating to the children and young people’s workforce. The other reason why I have qualified for the funding is that last year I set up and still run and
teach at a Cornish language Saturday preschool.

My research will involve not only `pinching’ some good working practices and picking up some tips for our own school, but also looking at the learning of children and perhaps the motivation of parents/carers to send their children to a MV setting.”

The GS will be using the opportunity afforded by the visit to meet with Celtic League Manx branch members (and General Council Officers based in Mann) to update them on activities across the League generally

J B Moffatt (Mr)
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