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We reported earlier today on an apparent ‘volte face’ by the Infrastructure Minister who made a statement in early August about freeing up land for growth, or were his original views just ‘lost in translation’.

Anyway his comments were seen by nationalists as the ‘starting pistol’ by government to a further round of population expansion. There have been a series of concerns articulated on the Mec Vannin Facebook pages since the comment was first aired on August 5th.

They also seem to have been interpreted as the ‘green light’ for GROWTH by the Manx governments economic bedfellows the Chamber of Commerce who issued a statement suggesting 15000 new workers are needed in the next few years.

The DOI Minister then popped up saying improved productivity was the key and appearing to ‘row back’ from the earlier comments.

We cited the three news stories with interview clips earlier today (see link):!/805941286121301/photos/a.806379472744149.1073741828.805941286121301/895251333856962/?type=1&theater

Then later today, and much to our bemusement, the clip of this morning’s interview disappeared from the Manx Radio website although the clip broadcast at 8:01 and the full interview at approx. 8.12 can still be found on the Mandate ON DEMAND section of the website.

So what’s happening ‘gremlins’ at Manx Radio or a rethink on Prospect Hill?

When we can make sense of it we’ll let you know. For the moment though I would count on the Chamber of Commerce getting their 15000 new workers they usually get what they want from this government!

J B Moffatt (Mr)

Director of Information
Celtic League



The Celtic League was established in 1961and has branches in the six Celtic Countries. It works to promote cooperation between these countries and campaigns on a broad range of political, cultural and environmental matters. It highlights human rights abuse, monitors all military activity and focuses on socio-economic issues

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