Letting The Chamber Use Comin As A Doormat Backfires As A Monster Emerges!


Private sector – self serving – lobby group ‘the Chamber of Commerce’ is in threatening mood. Check this statement from their spokesperson on Energy FM:


The target of their ire is public sector pensions which everyone agrees need to be remodelled to ensure deficiencies and liabilities are affordable. Indeed the Union movement signed up to this after an initial actuarial review almost 25 YEARS AGO. Unfortunately the Isle of Man government and the Chamber of the day were to busy living high on the hog with the Islands booming economy at the time to concern themselves with such trivia.

Some may see it as ironic that the Chamber whose members have had public money shovelled in their direction for decades and who recently cheered enthusiastically as Bell, Teare et al emptied the reserves of £50 million should be so concerned about the government keeping the books in order.

Of course the reason for this is the greedy sods down at the Chamber and their members will for the most part see the benefits of this recent government largesse. The word hypocrite is not really adequate to sum them up.

Meanwhile the Chief Minister and is COMIN buddies have a problem.

Their ‘love child’ the Chamber of Commerce that they have sucked up to for years, lavishing YOUR MONEY on its members through grant aid and lucrative contracts, is rapidly turning into a monster.

The Chamber used to try to quietly influence government behind closed doors. Indeed they proved quite adept at this when Bell and his government shut the Unions out of tripartite discussions. The social balance to the posturing of the Chamber of Commerce now goes largely unchecked.

It seems however that Allan Bell allowing the Chamber to use COMIN as a doormat seems destined to end in tears particularly as they seem in bullish form and believe the Isle of Man is run SOLELY for the benefit of them and their members!


Issued by: The Celtic News



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