KPMG Four ‘High profile Targets’


Belfast based newspaper the Irish News is still going heavily with the story of what have become known as the KPMG four who were arrested yesterday in a swoop by HM Customs and Revenue.

The latest story is here;

Meanwhile KPMG is taking a more measured approach today saying that it still; “still has no indication if the investigation relates to the business of KPMG or its clients”.

Yesterday it said there is “no indication” the investigation relates to its business or that of its clients.

The four men are now on ‘administrative leave’.

Richard Murphy tax and economics expert, well known to people in Mann because of his focus on tax evasion issues here and in other dependencies, has said although disputes between accountancy firms and HMRC are common in this instance HMRC “has picked high profile targets”.

Mr Murphy also said; “the decision by HM Revenue and Customs to visit the Belfast offices of KPMG …. and arrest four senior partners there for questioning on suspected tax evasion is a most unusual development and one which creates a serious issue for the firm and, of course, for the individuals themselves.”
This is not the first ‘soup’ KPMG has landed in this year see our earlier link:

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