Kincora Victim Seeks Judicial Review of Goddard Exclusion


Some weeks ago we pressed the Goddard Enquiry into historic child sex abuse to extend its remit to the Kincora Home scandal in Belfast.

We had previously asked UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, to extend the remit of the enquiry by Justice Goddard but she had refused saying that matters relating to Kincora were a matter for the NI Assembly.

We disagreed believing that the alleged use of the so called ‘house of horrors’ by British Intelligence in the 1970s and fact that children accommodated there were trafficked to London placed it well within the purview of the Goddard Review.

We are still awaiting a reply from Goddard which is not surprising given that the enquiry is apparently under resourced.

However, some of the victims of the abuse are not prepared to wait and see if their desire for a hearing by Goddard is accepted.

Today one of the victims, Gary Hoy, commenced proceedings in seeking a judicial review of the decision to include scrutiny of Kincora by Goddard.

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J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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