Kernow: RIP Terry Bonney


Kernow bids farewell to Cornish patriot Terry Bonney – RIP

A well known public face of Cornwall, Terry Bonney from Lanlivery, has sadly passed away aged 81 years.

Terry had been a leading light in the ‘Keskerdh Kernow’ march when hundreds of Cornish people walked from St. Keverne to Blackheath near London on the 500th anniversary of the Cornish uprising of 1497 led then by Cornish patriots and martyrs Michael Joseph ‘An Gof’ and Thomas Flamank.

Not only did Terry walk the entire way, but he was filmed and photographed on many occasions bearing his ‘An Gof’ banner, displaying a firm and proud Cornish identity 17 years before the Government acceded to years of demand and pressure and finally recognised the Cornish as a distinct Celtic people incorporating them into the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities.

Both during the long walk and on many processions since, Mr. Bonney has proudly held aloft Cornwall’s National flag of St. Piran and called out ‘Kernow bys vyken!’ (Cornwall forever), which became an iconic cry on the 1997 march.

His famous flag was held aloft at his packed funeral service by his youngest grandson, Oliver.

Great Grandfather Terry was a true Cornish patriot and the former Grand Bard of Gorsedh Kernow, Ann Trevenen Jenkin, organiser of ‘Keskerdh Kernow’ and one who also took part in that long journey said of him, ‘He carried the St Piran flag for nearly twenty years after the first one and was a great and unassuming Cornishman, whom the walkers would remember with love. He was always referred to as ‘The True Cornish Gentleman’’.


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