Kernow: League Attack Racism and Bigotry


The Cornish branch of the Celtic League has spoken about racist comments about indigenous Cornish people made on social media.

The catalyst for the racist attacks appears to have been the decision of Devon and Cornwall police to put bilingual signage on Truro police station.

The decision by the police was welcomed by the Celtic League and many other groups and individuals in Cornwall.

Following the derogatory comments (since removed) on social media League spokesman Tony Leamon said:

“Should our organisation or membership become aware of racial abuse directed at the Cornish people, a record will be kept and the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the police informed flagging potential breaches of the Public Order Act and other related Criminal legislation.”

He also pointed out that the Cornish are now formally recognised as a National Minority following the United Kingdom governments decision in April of this year to confer that status via the ‘Framework Convention’*

Mr Leamon also stressed that:

“The Cornish Branch of the Celtic League which has a membership comprising people of many National Minorities and ethnicities condemns all racism and bigotry and will act proactively should such matters be brought to its attention.”


J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information

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