Kernow: Heritage Sites Meeting


Last year, the Cornish Branch of the Celtic League hosted and chaired a meeting between three senior representatives of English Heritage and members of the Celtic League, of ‘Save Penwith Moors’, of the Cornish Ancient Sites Protection Network (CASPN) and Gorseth Kernow.

English Heritage (EH) manage several historic and ancient sites in Cornwall on behalf of the Duchy of Cornwall, the ultimate owner of many of Cornwall’s castles and other sites.

At the time, the meeting was declared a success in that it brought those who are sincerely concerned about Cornwall’s pre English heritage into contact with representatives of the quango.

During Tuesday 14th July, 2015, many of who attended that initial meeting including Branch Officers of the League, gathered at Tintagel Castle to witness the launch of a new exhibition centre and related upgrades.

All were delighted to see widespread use made of the Cornish language together with references to Cornwall’s distinct history.

Dr Alex Page, EH Historic Properties Director – West spoke of the effects that meeting had had in determining strategies and of how he had been impressed at the depth of knowledge shown by those he had met with.

All delegates were highly impressed at the efforts made by EH to reflect Cornwall’s distinctiveness and Craig Weatherhill, a member of the Cornish Branch, archeologist, historian and author remarked, ‘These are very positive steps indeed towards what we are seeking – proper recognition of Cornish culture, heritage, history and language,’

It was agreed that the Celtic League host another consultative meeting later this year at Pendennis Castle which would bring together representatives of organisations which cherish Cornwall.

(Submitted by Kernow branch)


J B Moffatt (Mr)

Director of Information
Celtic League



The Celtic League was established in 1961and has branches in the six Celtic Countries. It works to promote cooperation between these countries and campaigns on a broad range of political, cultural and environmental matters. It highlights human rights abuse, monitors all military activity and focuses on socio-economic issues


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