Kernow: Branch Seek Revamp of Glasney Commemoration


Following concerns regarding the perceived ‘Anglicisation’ of a key commemoration in Kernow which remembers the 11% of the population of Cornwall who died violently in defence of their language, beliefs and traditions at the hands of the English establishment during 1549, the Cornwall Branch of the Celtic League has written to Penryn Town Council requesting to be more actively engaged in the ceremonies held annually at the Glasney Stone.

“Penryn Town Council
Ground Floor, Saracen House
Higher Market Street
TR10 8HU

2nd February, 2015

Dear Town Clerk


We write regarding the memorial service held at the Glasney Stone which coincides with Penryn Fair Day.

A few of our members attended the ceremony during 2014 and felt that much more should be done to commemorate the loss of Glasney College and the subsequent mass murder of thousands of Cornish people at the hands of the English establishment.

Several other members of the public in attendance also voiced their concerns over the attendance of those bearing the symbols of England at the event which was thought unsatisfactory bearing in mind the events of 1549. Further, the loudspeaker arrangement was totally inadequate and speakers drowned out by the traffic.

Accordingly, we should like to arrange a larger presence at this years ceremony and to lay a wreath. The membership also feel that a speech by a Committee member of the Celtic League should be offered.

I write enquiring the date of the commemoration for 2015 and of who best to contact to arrange such.

Thank you in anticipation of your reply.

Yours sincerely

Michael J Chappell
Cornwall Branch of the Celtic League”

Brief section in this Wikipedia article about the destruction of Glasney College and there is also a photograph of the Prayer Book Memorial Stone;

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information


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