Kelp harvesting by the back door

When mechanised harvesting of kelp was mooted in Scotland the Celtic League opposed it. A resolution (one of two from the Mannin branch) was adopted at the AGM of the League in 2018 which coincidentally took place in Scotland.

Subsequently the Scottish parliament banned mechanised harvesting and at that stage we thought the issue was resolved. However there is now concern that environmental damage to the marine ecosystem may occur via so called “field trials” to assess the “sustainability of mechanical harvest of seaweed” announced by MARINE SCOTLAND scheduled to begin in July 2020 (see link):…/

Leading environmentalists such as Sir David Attenborough have described the kelp forests around Britain as ‘magical’. Its to be hoped that MARINE SCOTLAND discontinue this ill thought out idea.

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Bernard Moffatt, Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (22 December 2019)

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