Jon Joughin MHK: ‘Definitly Born Again Hard’


What did I say about making jokes that come back to bite you (in the piece about the police campaign against motorists earlier this week) well it has happened again!

In an article a few days ago on a Tynwald sitting I said:

“Jon Joughin who will definitely get the Minister of Mediocrity portfolio when Allan Bell creates was meanwhile dreaming about the Santa train – and its only January!”

Well if I had a hat I would have to eat it and then look for another to have seconds.

Anyway it doesn’t do any harm to have to ‘eat a bit of humble pie’ occasionally I wouldn’t want to end up like some media folk on the Island who are ‘always in the right’ whatever the criticism!

Here’s a report on Joughin in action this week challenging the Education Minister over appointments made to the Education Council and not prepared to accept the ‘bull’ that Crookall is spouting (link);…/crookall-to-be-pressed-over-edu…/

Joughin is spot on and indeed this links to the exchange I had some weeks ago with the Chief Secretary’s Office about the appointments commission. It is a fact since its inception this body has been populated by quite a few ex members of the public service.

Well now Joughin has the ball lets hope he runs with it and all power to his arm it seems to use that immortal quote from Stanley Kubrick’s film ‘Full Metal Jacket’ he is ‘definitely born again hard!’

It’s time all of these gerrymandered sinecures awarded around government were looked at.

So who is for the political mediocrity award now? Could it be that recently elected MHK who was compared to little better than ‘a herring gull’!


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