Islanders’ Petition: Details Now Released


The group from Orkney and Shetland who are pursuing a petition in the Courts against discredited MP Alistair Carmichael have released a link at which full details of the basis of their court action can be found. The link is here.

The groups attempt to raise £60,000 to launch the petition and cover any potential costs has been a huge success and with 20 days still to run the petition has raised over £55,000.

The groups actions are to be commended: this is a grass roots effort by constituents to challenge an MP who lied to them prior to the election. They are setting a positive example to grass roots activists everywhere.

It’s now up to Courts to reach a decision and should they find for the applicants it will be up to the people of Orkney and Shetland to decide who represents them henceforth.

This is, however, an important fight for democratic principles and honesty in politics which we all have a stake in. You can support their campaign by donating any amount, no matter how small, subscribing at the link here (monies left over from the action have been pledged to assist food bank charities):

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Director of Information
Celtic League


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