Irish Government Protect Migrant Fishermen


Illegal migrant workers employed in the fishing industry in Ireland are to be given permits and guaranteed at least the minimum wage say the Irish government.

The move has been announced by Simon Coveney TD, the Minister for the Marine, it follows allegations reports widely covered in UK and Irish newspapers about abuses in the industry in Ireland.

On behalf of the Celtic League (which has been liaising for several months with New York Times journalist Ian Urbina who has been running a series of expose articles of global exploitation of seafarers and fishermen) I also registered concern with the Irish government earlier this month.

We wrote on to Coveney’s junior colleague Minister of State, Tom Hayes TD, on the 11th of November urging action (see link);

TDs in many coastal constituencies where there are fishing communities have also piled on the pressure and it is a credit to everyone who campaigned, journalist, politicians and NGOs that action has been taken. However main credit should go to the Irish government for acting so decisively.

However it would be naive to believe that this problem is simply germane to Ireland.

Celtic League has written in recent months to both the International Labour Organisation and the International Maritime Organisation urging action.

Additionally just this week we have pressed the UK and EU on the issue (see link):

Migrant fishermen do not only face employment abuse but ultimately they may face death as this correspondence to UK Fisheries Minister, George Eustace MP, sent just days ago highlights.

Ireland has shown that this abuse can be addressed now the rest of the EU should follow her example.

Issued by: The Celtic News



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