Irish Election Sinn Fein Performs Well


Exit polls in the Republic of Ireland election show Sinn Fein are performing well and both members of the previous coalition Fine Gael and Labour have performed badly.

It seems likely the only solid coalition this time would be a historic Fine Gael/Fine Fail pact which has previously been ruled out.

If that pact was formed Sinn Fein as the third largest party would effectively become the opposition lead a position which should enable it to make further gains prior to the next election. That may not be far of as a FG/FF pact would possibly be shaky from the outset.

Some exit polls are showing Sinn Fein over 50% up on its previous election vote share of 10%. The picture is also likely to be influenced by how well smaller parties and independent do the days when the Dail was composed of two solid blocs around FG/FF are long past it seems.

There is an exit poll at this link:…/…/0227/771143-general-election-saturday/

Despite the usual barrage of negative campaigning by the media towards Sinn Fein it seems to have backfired spectacularly and it seems that Gerry Adams will be able to allow himself a wry smile when the final tally is in.


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