Ireland Urged to Oppose Nuclear New-Build


The Irish government has been urged to set out its opposition to the construction of by the United Kingdom of new-build nuclear power plants.

In a letter to An Taoiseach. Enda Kenny, the League says:

“I am sure that you are aware that post-Fukushima there has been a reappraisal of what constitutes secure and safe operation of nuclear plants and this has given countries considering next generation nuclear build pause for thought. I am sure that your government will be aware that pre-Fukushima Japans nuclear industry was regarded as one of the worlds safest. Now some of the judgements which informed that opinion have been turned on there head.”

“I note that in recent years the Irish government has conveyed its concern to the UK about its new-build strategy both from a safety and environmental standpoint. I presume therefore that your government continues to share the reservations that many in communities around the Irish Sea have about the safe operation of British nuclear plants.”

The League adds:

“Only in the past few months a number of incidents have occurred involving fires at British nuclear plants which give cause for concern. Whilst these incidents did not lead to any release of radiation or nuclear accident it is still of concern that such events occur not least when the UK nuclear regulator has previously given assurances that it takes all fire related events at nuclear plants seriously
(We are incidentally writing to the UK HSE directly about these events).”

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