Ireland: Third Naval Service Vessel Continues Med Rescue Role


The third Irish Naval Service vessel, LÉ Samuel Beckett, to be tasked to humanitarian work in the Mediterranean rescued 242 people of the Libyan coast earlier this week.

LÉ Samuel Beckett took over the role previously undertaken by LÉ Niamh last week.

So far the three Irish Naval Service ships (the first deployed was LÉ Eithne) have rescued just under 8000 refugees attempting the hazardous journey from Libya to Italy

The vessels are deployed under a bilaterial agreement with the Italian government and are expected to remain in the area until the end of November or early December.

At the time of the most recent deployment Irelands Minister for Defence, Simon Coveney TD, said:

“It is intended that the deployment of the L.É. Samuel Beckett will complete the Naval Service’s current mission to the Mediterranean. The question of a further deployment at some stage in the future may be considered again in the context of the ongoing situation in the Mediterranean and the overall EU response thereto, the demands on the Defence Forces, our overseas commitments and available resources.”

It is to be hoped the EU and Ireland will maintain their commitment whilst the threat to migrants remains. The Celtic League were one of a small number of NGOs that criticised the EU decision to withdraw Search and Rescue facilities in the Mediterranean in late 2014. We later campaigned via the IMO for the renewed rescue effort. However tragically whilst the SAR facility was reduced many migrants, men, women and children, drowned.

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