Ireland: President Says Social Housing Should be Valued More


The President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins, has expressed scepticism at talk of a recovery in the Irish domestic economy.

President Higgins was Speaking last week at the launch by the homeless charity organisation ‘Merchants Quay Ireland’ of its annual report, he said inequality continues to rise in Ireland, and that he “recoils” from headlines boasting the domestic economy is resurgent once more.

In a hard hitting speech the President said:

“Our planet is scarred by inequality, and inequality is growing, and the gaps are widening in what are described as some of the most prosperous parts of the world,” adding:

“I think it’s important to realise how inequalities are increasing in Ireland itself. I recoil a little bit from a headline that suggests ‘The economy roars back’ – well, the inequalities are roaring much louder in the world”.

At a time when the principles of the foundation of the Republic are very much to the fore he said:

“It’s simply ridiculous to say that you’re living in a republic with republican values if you have children with different access to literacy itself, in relation to reading the schoolbooks and so forth.”

The President indicated that responsibility needs to be taken for a situation that has seen social housing waiting lists lengthening and went onto call for Social housing to be valued more.

Merchant Quay Ireland’s Chief Executive, Tony Geoghegan, also spoke at the event expressing “deep concern” for the welfare of homeless individuals ahead of the impending winter. He said:

“I think it’s fair to say that the homeless situation at the moment is just unprecedented – we certainly haven’t seen anything like it before and it is going to require an unprecedented response to do something about it.

Looking into this winter, we are deeply concerned for the welfare of homeless people and what is going to happen, and I’m praying and hoping that it’s not going to take something as extreme as people dying on the streets, as it did last Christmas, before there is a response”.

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