IMO Queried On Offshore Windfarm Regulations

The Celtic League has asked the Internatonal Maritime Organisation what regulation (if any) members states have to apply to the siting of offshore windfarms in busy shipping lanes.

“The Secretary General
Efthimios E. Mitropoulos
International Maritime Organization
4, Albert Embankment
United Kingdom


Dear Secretary General,

I write to enquire if the IMO has developed any guidance notes in relation to the siting of offshore wind farms and the hazards to navigation which this might cause.

Currently plans are in hand to considerably expand offshore wind farms off the Lancashire and Cumbria coast and whilst the development of this technology is to be welcomed (as part of efforts to combat reliance on fossil fuels) the area(s) in question are in close proximity to busy sea lanes.

An added factor in relation to the coastal seaways off N W England is that uniquely these see the frequent passage of vessels carrying nuclear fuel, indeed British nuclear transports not only use ports in NW England but have their base there.

I would be extremely grateful if the IMO could advise if it has set out any guidance or recommendation which specifically mandates member States to carry out risk assessments into the consequences of ships having to deviate from normal routes due to offshore wind farms, additionally the consequences of recreational or motor fishing vessels having to enter commercial shipping routes in order to avoid proposed wind farm sites.

I am sure you will agree that offshore constructions occupying previously open sea area can lead to the safety of navigation being compromised and potential choke-points being established where previously they did not exist.

For information the Celtic League is an officially accredited NGO of the United Nations.

Yours sincerely

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information”

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