Heavy Rain In Cumbria – Wash Day At Sellafield!


There are several of the most severe categories of flood warnings issued for Cumbria today and study of the rainfall radar will show that the area is taking a battering and has been for over 24 hours.

Along with the understandable and worrying danger of a threat to property and life with Cumbria there is also an added risk.

The vast and highly polluted Sellafield site covering several square miles simply drains its storm water unmonitored into the streams and brooks that carry it on into the Irish Sea. You could say its one way of cleaning up the pollution around the site but hardly a desirable one.

Since 2010 the Celtic League has been pressing the UK Environment agency and international bodies such as the IAEA but as far as we are aware the situation has never been addressed.

In 2010 the HSE told us;

“These are not monitored for radioactivity. Licencees’ Arrangements for Licence Compliance concentrate on the maintenance of containment integrity of nuclear plant and facilities, together with the adequacy of monitoring/detection of any leak and escape from such containment. Arrangements centre on the detection of any leaks or escapes as close to containment barriers as possible. Furthermore monitoring storm drains would neither be effective nor practicable.”

However the IAEA said it is a National responsibility to have systems in place (see below):

“I refer to your letter dated 2 April 2011 addressed to Mr Yukiya Arnano, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which was passed on to me for reply. In your letter you ask for the IAEA’s view on the regulatory approach taken by the United Kingdom Environment Agency regarding the monitoring of Sellafield Storm Water Drains.

Regulation of the safety of nuclear installations is a national responsibility.”

They won’t be too bothered at Sellafield once any contaminants are washed of the site they’ll go into the Irish Sea and there’s nothing out there…?

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